Lake Geneva Social Club Established 2021

Lake Geneva, WI

Lake Geneva Social Club

Come join us as we create community connections while supporting local businesses!

Making new friends is never easy.  Whether you’re moving to a new place, have recently had a change in your life, or are simply wanting to connect stronger in your community, we all find ourselves at times when we are looking to expand our friendships.  And we know it can be intimidating to do this alone, which is why the Lake Geneva Social Club makes it so easy for you.  If you are interested in meeting new people in town, exploring the gems of our greater Lake Geneva region together and supporting our local businesses, then we are the right club for you.

Whether you are new to the area, have lived here your entire life or are an out-of-towner looking to explore the area, you will enjoy the Lake Geneva Social Club events, where everyone is welcome and you’ll never be alone.  Our monthly Night Out events bring people together while having a great time and supporting our local businesses.  We often are introducing members to places they’ve never been to before, bringing them back to a place they haven’t been to in a while or introducing the new menus and events from our partners.  We visit restaurants, taverns, venues and historical landmarks and love to share their historical stories with you too.

We’re growing!

We are a fast growing community, so we will be adding more events and activities to our calendar in the near future.  2022 will be an exciting year!  Additionally, we will be sharing monthly Member Exclusive offers, so be sure to register your free membership to access those special deals.  Everyone over 21 is welcome to join.

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Upcoming Events

Why You Should Join

Event Recaps

  • 4/20 event recap (Baker House):
    • 42 RSVP’d (137 interested) – 50-60 guests attended * Recap post reached 2.2k people (719 post engagement)
  • 5/17 event recap (Kimkasi Pub):
    • 62 RSVPs (35 interested) – 50-60 guests attended * Recap post reached 4.2k people (1.3k post engagement)
  • 6/10 event recap (The Treasury):
    • 40 RSVPs (47 interested) – 50-60 guests attended * Recap post reached 5.5k people (1.2k post engagement)
  • 7/21 event recap (Niche):
    • 36 RSVPs (29 interested) – 60-65 guests attended * Recap post reached 4.3k people (682 post engagement)
  • 8/25 event recap (Descend on the West End: The 46 Tavern, Cruise In and 10 Pin Pub):
    • 31 RSVPs (35 interested) – 45-50 guests attended * Recap post reached 6.4k people (1.2k post engagement)
  • 9/21 event recap (Privato):
    • 27 RSVPs (23 interested) – 40-45 guests attended * Recap post reached 7,400 people (1.9k post engagement)
  • 10/13 event recap (Papa’s Blue Spruce):
    • 33 RSVPs (32 interested) – 45-50 guests attended * Recap post reached 5,500 people (1.1k post engagement)
  • 11/9 November Event (Maxwell Mansion):
    • 69 RSVPs (74 interested) – 75-100 people expected
  • 12/18 Holiday Party (The Treasury):
    • 200 attendee maximum – tickets will be sold

Next 18 Months

  • Prioritization on revenue driving activities
  • Building fundamentals – sales tools, website, logos, merchandise
  • Build reach further within LG/Walworth Country region, followed by Chicago/Madison/Milwaukee reach
  • Build events for all to attend (mid week and weekend)
  • Build overall advertising revenue and sponsorships